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Published on July 11th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Guerlain’s Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara Review

Guerlain’s new “Cils d’Enfer” Maxi Lash Mascara is truly the best mascara on the market! First of all, any product from Guerlain is going to be of exceptional quality and of the highest standard and like all other Guerlain products, expert care has gone into creating beautiful makeup with innovative technology and ingredients. Their Maxi Lash Mascara is no exception; not only does it create the most gorgeously thick and curled lashes, but it has special ingredients to help nourish and protect lashes over time. ¬†Fabulous lashes now and healthy lashes for the future!

What struck me the most with this amazing mascara, is its ability to create full and thick voluminous lashes without clumping and without being crusty and flaky. This is due to its concentration of conditioning oils to help ensure a natural healthy looking lash. In addition, they have used special waxes to help keep the lashes supple and to make it easier to add layers and build for a more dramatic effect.

Nothing bothers me more than crunchy lashes and with Guerlain’s Maxi Lash when I run my fingers across my finished lashes they still feel soft, pliable, and natural, almost as if I have nothing on. We all want perfect full and long lashes, but we don’t want it to look obvious that we’re wearing product.¬† And the worst offender is when our mascara flakes; and with the conditioning oils in this mascara you never have to worry about a flake as long as you live! We also need a mascara that’s multi-use so that we can take it from day to night. Maxi Lash certainly accomplishes all of these things and more.

Not only does it give great natural looking volume and buildability, but it also provides great curl; so much so, that I no longer need to curl my lashes before applying mascara! Seriously, this mascara works so well at creating a rounded curl to the lashes that there is no longer a need to pinch your lashes with your curler! It achieves this by using a special polymer that acts almost like a hairspray moulding the lashes and setting them in place.

And if you think this mascara couldn’t be better, then wait, there’s more! Oddly enough the size of the packaging and wand has been carefully thought out as well. Why?…I asked myself this too; until I realized how genius it is! For some reason most mascaras on the market have longer wands. These long wands actually make it harder to apply mascara. The longer the wand, the less control and precision you have in apply your mascara. Guerlain’s Maxi Lash wand is shorter meaning you have greater control over applying, you can get closer to the lashes, and you can twist it easier when adding a curl.

Furthermore, while coming in the classic “Black” shade (and black meaning a natural black not a fake cheap looking black like other mascaras), it also comes in a deep purple. A subtle purple that is barely there, but makes green and hazel eyes REALLY pop!

Oh and did I mention that it smells like a dream! A fragranced mascara! With delicate notes of peach blossom, rose and jasmine, along with soft benzoin and white musk. It is a VERY subtle scent so don’t worry. You may not even notice it, but it makes your morning makeup routine much more special!

But above ALL, the most important thing about this mascara to me personally, is that with my extremely sensitive eyes, it is the ONLY mascara that I can wear! Guerlain’s Maxi Lash Mascara is the ONLY mascara that doesn’t make my eyes burn/sting and doesn’t make my eyes itch. I can safely and comfortably wear this mascara all day/all night and not feel the burning desire to take it off like I do ALL other mascaras.

I literally cannot stop raving about this mascara! Guerlain has certainly done their research with this one and with their innovative ingredients and outstanding results, not to mention it’s comfortable wearability, this will certainly be my go-to mascara….forever! To watch a tutorial on how to create cute baby-doll eyes with this mascara go to the Beauty Tips section of my site and watch the Guerlain Baby-Doll Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara

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Guerlain’s Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: The BEST mascara ever made! Gorgeous thick and voluminous lashes with perfect curl, all with ZERO clumps, NO flakes and NO crunchy lashes. Lashes stay soft and supple, with innovative ingredients that also condition. Other pros include an easy to use wand, its comfortable wearability for those with sensitive eyes, and it's pretty floral scent!


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