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Published on August 26th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Guerlain Terracotta Blush Review

Imagine gorgeous tanned skin like you’ve been sunning on a yacht in the south of France. A luminous complexion like you’ve been in the hot hot heat of Bali. That perfectly flushed tone as if you’ve just hit the slopes of Verbier.

Nothing else in the world can give you such a gorgeous, natural, sun-kissed glow than with the Guerlain Terracotta line. From the makers of the infamous Terracotta bronzers, comes a unique highlighting product to accentuate your already tanned skin, to highlight key areas with a luminous glow, or to give your weary complexion a subtle flush of color.

The Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter is more than just a blush, more than just a highlighter, and is more than just a Summer staple. It uses real mother-of-pearl to provide a luminous shimmer that is subtle not glittery. And it comes in two shades, a coral peach for warmer skin tones and/or brunettes and a sunny pink shade for cooler skin tones and/or blondes, both of which are so perfectly natural that they virtually dissapear upon application making your complexion simply look better without looking like you have makeup on. As a person with already rosey cheeks, I have always found it near impossible to wear blushes without looking silly, but the warm coral color of this blush seems to counteract the redness and provides a beautiful warm color allowing me to finally highlight my normally neglected cheekbones!

It’s truly miraculous! Like all other Terracotta products from Guerlain, they provide such a natural glowing effect without looking obvious that you’ve used a bronzer or blush. Guerlain helps you create that covetable sun-kissed glow no matter how much sun you’ve had, no matter where in the world. Nothing else even comes close to matching these products in terms of quality, innovation, sophistication and of course color perfection. But more importantly, all the products in the Guerlain Terracotta line are unsurpassed in terms of wearability, ease-of-use, and practicality by their multi-use functions.

Because the shades are so impeccably natural and because the formulas are perfectly luminous without being shiny, glittery, or glimmery, all of the Terracotta products, including this blush can be worn year-round. They accentuate tanned skin in the Summer but also add a sun-kissed glow to skin throughout the colder months, brightening your complexion, lifting it with a subtle warm glow. Not only can they be worn year round, but they can also be used on other areas of the face and body. For example, this Sun Shimmer Highlighter can be used on the eyelids and also on the collar bone to highlight the decolletage.

And just like other Guerlain products, a little goes a long way, and when I say little, I mean LITTLE. Litterally just a tiny amount of this fluid blush, about the size of the smallest drop of water or half of a tiny grain of rice, can illuminate your whole complexion! So although buying Guerlain is an investment, it’s an investment that lasts for years!

Once again, Guerlain has impressed me with their unique and unbeatable bronzing products with this blush. An all-round and all-year staple in my makeup bag and trust me, I only have about 5 products that fit that bill and Guerlain makes 4 of them!

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Terracotta Blush by Guerlain

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Guerlain Terracotta Blush Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: A sunny fluid blush from Guerlain that is perfectly luminous, not shiny or glittery and in such natural sun-kissed shades that lift your complexion giving a glow and a perfect flush to the skin all-year-round! With exceptional quality, longevity, and ease-of-use, this blush highlights with ease and can even be used on the eyelids or decolletage for a gorgeous illuminating wash of color.


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