Makeup Trends Guerlain Crazy Paris Holiday Makeup Collection

Published on November 16th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Guerlain Crazy Paris Holiday Makeup Collection

No holiday season would be complete without Guerlain! They are perfectly suited to be the masters of Christmas because of their untouchable quality and luxury that screams “Wish-list”! But also because of their legendary scents that remind us of Midnight Mass and their glamorous packaging that makes the usually perfect products look like pretty presents sitting on our dressing table!

This year Guerlain has brought us the city of lights! A to-die-for makeup collection that is a touch cheeky and a whole lot of fun!

I have never ever been so smitten by a holiday collection! All I can say is “Mais Oui”!!!!!!

To start, they have released a limited edition eye shadow palette featuring five essential shades and one wild card! First off, having five shadows in one palette that can be used all-year-round is amazing and I’m sure anyone would get a lot of use out of this palette. It’s perfect for traveling during the holiday season but would be useful for travel at any point during the upcoming year. But the most shocking is that Paris pink shade! You’d think it’d be totally outrageous, but in fact it can be layered to give a subtle and sophisticated shimmery pink or a more dramatic one if you choose. What’s great about Guerlain shades in general is that the shimmer is so balanced that it never looks glittery, it’s always classy!

Guerlain Crazy Eyes Palette

Next up is the infamous Terracotta and Meteroites powders! In case you have never tried these powders, I urge you to, as no one, and I mean no one, does bronzers and highlighters as good as Guerlain. They invented the stuff! Literally! And these new Crazy Paris editions are truly remarkable. The cult-worthy Meteroites powder offers a classy and subtle highlighting effect while color correcting and adding radiance to the skin; while the infamous Terracotta powder offers a subtle Winter bronze and glow that is pure perfection!

Guerlain Crazy Paris Makeup Holiday Collection

Also included in the collection is a series of total eye candy…or should I say lip candy! Guerlain’s Rouge G lipsticks are some of the best lipsticks on the planet and their practical yet gorgeous cases are truly innovative. The crazy pink Rouge G is a covetable bright pink perfect for new year’s eve kisses. And the deep purple and Parisian pink are major show-stoppers!

Guerlain Crazy Paris lipsticks

In addition, Guerlain has you covered from head to toe and no makeover would be complete without a killer manicure! Not only is there a dark rich iridescent purple nail varnish, but there is a glow in the dark top-coat to add a little extra flash while you’re on the dance floor!

Guerlain Crazy Paris Nail Varnish

But the piece de resistance is the shimmering hair and body powder! Delicately scented with the gorgeous La Petite Robe Noire fragrance, this mist spritzes out a light iridescent fairy dust, covering hair and skin with a veil of glimmering perfection! No 80’s glitter here, this shimmer is of the sophisticated kind! And the packaging is super chic! Even after it’s long gone, it will still look gorgeous sitting on your dressing table!

Guerlain Crazy Paris la petite robe noir shimmer spray

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