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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Review

GlamGlow Super-Clearing Mud Mask Treatment is not for the faint of heart!


 GlamGlow SuperMud Mask

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Super-Clearing is an understatement! This is the kind of facial mask you’d use after spending a week on a Bear Grylls outdoor survival course! And there isn’t anything “Glam” about it!

It’s strong, it’s tough and it’s harsh but for those with thick skin (literally and figuratively), and for those who like to get dirty, then this is the best face mask for you!

A lot of scientific research has gone into this “Super-Mud” such as a special combination of AHA and BHA acids that de-clog pores, reduce pimples, and help clear scaring and pigmentation. It also contains activated charcoal for drawing out impurities, clay to sop up excess oils and bacteria, and Eucalyptus oil for purifying.

However, to me, these ingredients don’t seem too high-tech and most of the mud masks on the market claim the same sort of process and many also containing the essential oils, clays, and charcoal. Not to mention, this mud mask has the same down-fall that all mud masks have and that’s that the product dries out so quickly!

For a steep price tag, this Super-Mud takes a lot of work keeping fresh and they even admit that you may need to add a few drops of water to the mask to re-hydrate the product.

They also claim that as the mask dries from dark to light you can see the trouble spots of your skin as they will be more dark than the other areas. But for those who have frequently used mud masks in the past, we know that this isn’t a unique phenomenon and is usually due to the user putting too much mud on one area versus the other or simply due to the mud getting caked into pores.

However, it does effectively do what it claims. Skin appears clearer, pore-size is reduces, black-heads disappear, oil is reduced, skin is smoother and more radiant. But this comes at a price. No pain no gain as they say!

As I already mentioned this isn’t a treatment for the timid sensitive type. This mask is harsh, stings, burns, and virtually zaps skin of moisture! So for those with sensitive or thin skin, run away quick! But for those with strong/thick skin who have a lot of oil and problem areas including acne this is a bi-weekly treatment that could really help you on the way to clearer skin.

This mask would also suit someone who very active and/or spends a lot of time outdoors getting dirty and sweaty because it is really great at super-cleaning your skin.  Likewise, for someone in the theatre/entertainment industry who wears a lot of heavy makeup, this mask would be perfect for deep cleaning after a week under the lights.

But if you do choose to try this product, I would give you my most sincere warning. Make sure you try a sample first to see how your skin reacts. Because this product will kick your A** if you’re not careful!

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GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This mud mask is not for wimps. It's harsh and slightly painful but it does what it says and that is clears your skin, reduces pores, eliminates black-head, smooths, and radiates. However, it comes at a price. And for those with sensitive skin, this is NOT a mask for you!


Harsh but Effective

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