Perfume Reviews Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'eau Eau de Toilette

Published on September 24th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L’eau Review

Dahlia Noir L’eau is the lighter, paler side of Dahlia Noir by Givenchy. This transparent fresh Floral is a classic example of a Chypre Floral and an exquisite one at that; however, the poor longevity of this fragrance makes it near impossible to wear. This is quite disappointing considering how gorgeous and uplifting the scent is the few moments that it is on your skin.

The Citrus top notes in this fragrance are crisp, sparkling, refreshing and clean. The kind of clean you imagine after a morning shower. Paired with a hint of pretty Summer-sun Neroli, these top notes give a sense of inner happiness and positivity.

Combined with the refreshing Citrus accords is an equally refreshing and vibrant Patchouli note that carries the fragrance along. Paired with Cedar, these two notes add that classic Chypre edge to the fragrance giving sophistication and a chic sensibility.  Before I go further, let me reiterate how pristine this scent is, showcasing such zesty Citrus and chirpy Chypre notes that you’d normally find in a perfume classic. But oh how I wish it could last!

Apart from its heart-breaking longevity, the other thing missing from this fragrance is a proper base note. Musk is listed as such; however, I can barely detect it, which is perhaps why the scent evaporates so quickly. Sometimes strong base notes not only add depth to a fragrance, but they also work to slow evaporation of top/middle notes. In addition, Rose, is also listed as a note and like its missing Musk partner, I have yet to notice it.

Dahlia Noir L’eau is for a classic yet demure woman. A woman who everyone notices, but no one can quite pin her down. She sails into the room like a breath of fresh air and leaves with only a trace of a memory. She can be the centre of attention but yet also work a room so gracefully that you don’t even know she’s there. Graceful yet buoyant. Refined yet elegant. Restrained yet hopeful. But just like the perfume this beautiful woman is fleeting and as quickly as she arrives, she’s gone with the wind and we all wish she wouldn’t leave the party so early!

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'eau Eau de Toilette

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Givenchy Dahlia Noir L’eau Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Dahlia Noir L'eau is a beautiful and crisp Chypre fragrance that disappoints not because of it's lack of sophistication but because of it's poor longevity and non-existent sillage. This one breaks my heart because the few moments that it touches your skin, it is breathtakingly uplifting!


A fleeting Chypre

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