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Published on September 12th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

Fragrances of Wine: Perfumes for Women with Fine Taste

There are two things a woman can’t live without; a gorgeous fragrance and a decadent bottle of wine! But if you can combine the two, than you have something really magical!

Fragrances of Wine is an independent fragrance line developed by wine expert Amy Mumma and master fragrance creator Richard Asfour. These expertly created scents combine the unique notes reminiscent of a wine tastings in the south of France. Whether that’s the floral rose, the sweet honeyed white wine, the rich depth of a red wine, or the effervescent sparkling wines; these beautiful scents instantly transport you to sunny Provence where delicate flowers, fragrant herbs and juicy grapes flow through the air and into your glass!

There are four scents in this collection, each portraying the delicate notes and inspirations found in white wine, red wine, rose wine, and sparkling wines.


Fragrances of Wine Blanc Perfumes for Women

As the name suggests, this fragrance is inspired by the delicate floral notes found in white wine. Dainty Orange Blossom and sweet Honey Suckle backed up by feminine Orchid and warm Amber. It’s like sipping on a glass of sun-kissed honeyed wine while watching the glowing sunset. I love how Blanc has that impeccable balance between sweet and floral.

Rose de Provence

Fragrances of Wine Rose de Provence French Perfume

Pretty in pink! This rose inspired scent is feminine and classic; highlighting fragrant Rose petals, french Lavender, Violets, and sensuous Jasmine. Romantic and elegant. I adore the Rose facet in this scent as it has more of a subtle tea Rose or garden Rose nuance versus the typical heady long-stem Rose. Rose de Provence is like an afternoon stroll through the fragrant french gardens in Provence!


Fragrances of Wine Noir photo Perfume for Women

The deepest of the scents, Noir represents the depth and richness of a glass of red wine. Nuances of dark Berries, aromatic Cassis, warm Spices and sweet Fig. Mature, sophisticated, and with as many layers of depth as a good glass of red! I can imagine wearing this scent while cozying up to a roaring fire.


Fragrances of Wine Sparkle Perfume for Women

This fresh and clean scent is as light and effervescent as a glass of bubbly! Bright and uplifting with what seems to be vibrant Citrus notes and crisp Greens. This fragrance is sure to bring out your natural sparkle, like a glass of happiness!

What impresses me the most about this collection is the level of quality gone into the creation of the scents. I have to admit that usually when I experience small independent fragrance brands, it is obvious within first smell that they are not on the same level as the larger perfume houses. However, the Fragrances of Wine scents are exceptional quality for entry into the fragrance industry. Their scents are minimal and simple but sophisticated in their combination.

In many ways, I would compare their scents to the likes of Jo Malone London; which is a huge compliment! Blanc reminds me very much of Jo Malone’s Nectarine & Honey and Noir reminds me of their famous Pomegranate Noir! Comparable in terms of creating true notes that are simply combined to create very organic and real garden-like scents. You can tell that only the highest quality pure essential oils were used in creating these scents; and you can certainly tell that a master perfumer was involved in the creation!

Often people who think they can create mainstream perfume by combining essential oils can’t reproduce the same quality and that’s because they lack the scientific and specific knowledge that a master perfumer can bring! Richard Asfour certainly understands fragrance creations and the chemistry that goes into creating them. And when you combine his scent expertise with that of a wine connoisseur like Amy Mumma, you get something really special. A charming fragrance line that brings a little bit of the finer things into your life!

“Both wine and perfume have the ability to transform our day, evoke memories, stir emotions affect mood, hopes and dreams.”

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[Samples for review courtesy of Fragrances of Wine]

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