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Published on June 8th, 2016 | by The Perfume Expert

Floris London Scented Candles Lavender and Mint

As far as perfume goes, there isn’t a brand more synonymous of, or steeped in, tradition than the house of Floris London! Creating scents and luxury bathing products in London’s prestigious St.James area since 1730, Floris is one of the oldest perfumers in the world.

Floris’s well-to-do customers and royal patronage stem back to hair combs and brushes made for King George the IV, and Marry Shelley, then to fragrances worn by Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe! And they have the praise of their customers, being the only perfumer to hold a royal warrant, to prove their standing as STILL one of the most reputable and highly coveted perfumers of today.

Still creating high quality fragrances in the same little shop on 89 Jermyn street, Floris still represents all that is British luxury at it’s finest.

And being one of the most prestigious perfumers in the world, who better to make fragrances for your home!

Although most perfumers have only recently begun to include home fragrances in their collections, the Floris Home collection has it’s roots back to the 1800s where in their catalogue of 1851 a range entitled “For Perfuming Apartments” could be found.

Today, the collection includes an exquisite array of products to scent your home. Five carefully curated fragrances available in both candles and room sprays. and each fragrance perfectly representing a particular ambiance or mood.

Alluring and warm oriental Sandalwood & Patchouli which I imagine perfect for a study or lounge and a great Autumn fragrance. Spring-like Hyacinth & Bluebell, fitting for a bedroom or bathroom. Zesty Grapefruit & Rosemary, the perfect kitchen scent. The festive Cinnamon & Tangerine, ideal for the holiday season. And lastly, the Summery fresh Lavender & Mint which would again suit a kitchen/dining room.

I recently had the privilege of trying the Lavender & Mint candle, which I believe to be the most special one in the collection, and that’s because it’s inspired by the Floris family home!

Floris London Lavender and Mint

Inspired by ‘dear old Ivy Lodge’, the Floris family home for over 50 years from the late 1800s, with its treasured herb garden providing the inspiration behind this fresh aromatic fragrance for the home.

The lavender fragrance opens with crisp citrus notes and other aromatic notes of coriander, clary sage, mint, bergamot, eucalyptus, and armoise. These top notes are what makes this scent a great kitchen fragrance as they are herbal and organic. And they could have stopped there and I’d been happy!

Instead, as the candle burns longer it settles down into a more sophisticated combination of Lavender, powdery violets, and rose-like geranium. These notes make up the bulk of the scent journey and add an elegant and feminine floral touch to the otherwise herbal notes.

And as the candle’s fragrance begins to fill the room after about an hour, it deepens with the help of patchouli, musk, and moss. These notes provide a real earthy green nuance to the scent so it isn’t overly floral. The presence of moss and patchouli as the base notes of this scent also combine so well with the herbal top notes which is why I recommend this candle for a kitchen or dining room.

The high level of pure fragrance oils used in these candles produces a fragrance that really is AS GOOD AS the perfumes they create! The scents are classic, rich, and sophisticated.

This is no Yankee Candle folks!

If you are wanting to move up a level from the “Fresh Baked Cookies” or “Clean Cotton” generic fragrances to something timeless and refined then this is it!

But sophistication comes at a steep price at £40 per candle. But let me explain why I think this is worth the price!

First off each candle is hand poured with blended wax to ensure even burning. This is important to note as cheaper candles tend to burn down the middle wasting a lot of wax, or they burn to rapidly. In addition, this hand-pouring technique allows the scent oils to be diffused evenly; unlike other candles where they pack the strongest scent mixture at the top for immediate but not lasting scent dispersion.

I’ve had this candle for a few weeks now and half way through, it still smells as strong and as good as when I first lit it!

Furthermore, think of the high quality fragrance oils used as opposed to a host of head-ache inducing fake chemical smells. The Floris fragrances are more organic and natural scents that compliment the surroundings.

Also, the fine cotton wick has zero lead, so it won’t turn your ceilings or drapes black with soot!

Lastly, the 35 hours burn time for a 175g candle is on par with most, but it’s the scent dispersion that is the real bonus here. I’m about 15 hours in on my candle and it still manages to scent the room in the same way as when I first lit it!

Trust me, this won’t be the last Floris candle I own and I’m looking forward to trying them ALL along with their corresponding room sprays! I just love the feeling of elegance it gives my space and the natural scents make my home feel like a home as if the scent is part of the fabric of the space, without being overpowering or unnatural.

As with everything about Floris, the quality is unsurpassed, and the Floris Home Candles are just another example of why Floris remains at the top of their game, even after 286 years!

Visit Floris London here to learn more and order yours


[Candle provided as a press sample by Floris London. But views represented are author's own opinions]


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