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Published on September 4th, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Fat Burning Cream | Easy ways to lose weight

If you are looking for easy ways to lose weight, then it doesn’t get much easier than applying a fat burning cream to do all the work for you!

You may as well call me a fitness expert now because I have done extensive research and have tried over a dozen different fat burning creams to give you the BEST FAT BURNING CREAM on the market! Whether you’re wanting to blast belly fat, tone arms, or reduce cellulite, these creams are your new personal trainers!

You are probably wondering if fat burning creams really work, and I’m here to give you the proof that YES, these body firming creams REALLY do help you lose weight without lifting a finger!…well perhaps you need to lift a few fingers to apply to cream!

This has got to be the easiest way to lose weight and burn fat! But add on a proper diet and exercise and you can lose up to a dress size in just 30 days by using one of the recommended creams.

Just remember the KEY is to apply at least once a day religiously for 30 days to see a drastic improvement.

#5. Methode Physiodermie Body Shaping Gel:

I am a huge fan of the Methode Physiodermie range and especially like their scientific approach to using NATURAL INGREDIENTS in an innovative way. Their biggest innovation is their micro-encapsulated technology where micro-molecules of ingredients pass through more layers of skin to work on a deeper level than most normal skincare products.

Methode Physiodermie body shaping gel fat burning cream

Their Body Shaping Gel reaches into the deep adipose tissue to eliminate fat cells, and to break up accumulated fat to recover a sculptured firm figure!

Main Ingredients: Micro-encapsulated formula, Ivy Extract, Guarana Extract, Caffeine, Bladderwrack Extract, Hydrocotyl Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Butchersbroom Extract, Horsetail Extract, Phospholipids, Escin.

Along with the usual fat burning effects of Caffeine and Guarana, are natural ingredients like Bladderwrack which is a form of seaweed that is a natural diuretic to flush excess water weight, Hydrocotyl which reduces puffiness, Horse Chestnut which is good for reduces varicose veins, Butchersbroom for cellulite reduction, Horsetail to strengthen skin, and Escin to improve circulation.

Clinical Results:

Smoother skin**: 95%
Firmer and more toned skin**: 90%
Firmer buttocks and thighs**: 86%
More harmonious figure**: 86%

** Self-assessment, percentage of volunteers agreeing with the claim

Personal Results:

Texture/Consistency: Fast absorbing but slippery gel

Smell: Fresh & herbal

Application: Have to apply it quickly and massage into skin before it absorbs but it’s slightly slippery texture allows you to get about 10 sec of massaging in before it absorbs fully.

Immiediate Result: Taught smooth skin with immediate signs of reduction in cellulite

Long-term Result (after three weeks): Loss of 1 cm circumferance of thigh and a significant reduction in cellulite!

Value: $$$$$ Expensive but worth it to those who appreciate natural skincare but highly effective results. For more information on Physiodermie and where to purchase visit their website here.

End thoughts:

I loved the fact that this gel is entirely made of natural ingredients and yet it was so effective! I also personally liked the fact that it was so fast absorbing as this meant that my skin was not sticky or greasy and I could get dressed and go in a flash! Though it was fast absorbing it did have a slightly slippery texture which allowed just enough time to massage into skin which is VERY important for excess water drainage and circulation.

The results were immediate in terms of the reduction in appearance of dimpled skin and after three weeks of use (1x day) I saw a significant reduction in cellulite not to mention a loss of 1 cm of stubborn fat around my thigh.


#4. Thalgo High Performance Firming Cream:

Thalgo is a Greek skincare brand that harnesses the power of sea for beneficial skincare! We all know about the benefits of using algae and seaweed for skin firming but Thalgo has it down to a science and produces some of the world’s best and highest quality marine skincare money can buy!

Thalgo High Performance Firming Cream Fat burning cream

Their High Performance Firming Cream harnesses the power a special formulated Plankton extract that actually delays the expansion of fat!

Main Ingredients:  Sculptolift, a biotechnological ceramide that helps correct the appearance of skin slackening at the source by working to firm the deeper layers of the skin. But it also works to delay the development of fats! Sculpt Active Tehnology, a highly effective technology combining a Marine Silicium Complex with Plankton Extract that works to firm skin and delay the expansion of fat!

Personal Results:

Texture/Consistency: Light but moisturizing cream

Smell: Fresh aqua scent

Application: Application is made easy due to it’s tub container that allows you to scoop as much product as you need with one hand. And because of it’s moisturizing cream texture you can apply adequate massaging to area to promote drainage and circulation.

Immediate Result: Moisturized skin that feels plumped and slight signs of reduction in cellulite. Slight greasiness after application.

Long-term Result (after three weeks): Loss of 1 cm of fat along the circumferance of thigh and a visible reduction in cellulite!

Value: $$$ Although not the most expensive cream on the list it’s still very effective and excellent value due to it’s large 200 ml container and moisturizing texture… a little goes a long way! You can learn more about Thalgo and purchase here in the US and here in the UK

End thoughts:

I felt it was beneficial to have the creamier texture as you could really massage the cream in well which is VERY important for increasing the effectiveness of a fat burning or firming cream! I also liked the container as you could dip one hand in to easily get more product while massaging, no need to fiddle with two hands opening a bottle. Results were great especially in the firmness of skin. The only downfall was perhaps how long the cream took to absorb. This made the application process take longer and I couldn’t get dressed as quickly as I could with some of the other products.


#3. Phytomer Acti-Gene Contour:

Targeting cellulite and fat on a genetic level! A first in the industry!

An unprecedented formula which visibly tackles the appearance of cellulite and encourages fat elimination. Its secret: a high-performance advanced ingredient which acts on “slimming genes”!

Phytomer Acti-Gene countour Fat Burning Cream

This is not only one of the most innovative fat burning creams on the market, but also one of the most effective!

Main Ingredients:

  • Sea grape slows down the activity of fat cell genes to reduce the size and number of fat masses
  • Halopteris Scoparia stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers for firmer skin
  • Palmaria Palmata boosts the skin’s microcirculation for a draining effect

Clinical Results:

Smoother skin: 88%*
Less visible cellulite: 76%*
Close to 9 out of 10 women: reduction of the thickness of fatty tissue**

*Auto-evaluation under dermatological surveillance on 33 women, after twice-daily application during 56 days.
**Ultrasound of the hypodermis on 32 volunteers, after twice-daily application during 56 days.

Personal Results:

Texture/Consistency: Slippery Cream-Gel

Smell: Fresh slightly floral scent

Application: Application is easy thanks to the pump top. This means that you can hold/dispense the product with one hand as the other is massaging. Also, the cream-gel texture is the perfect combination of moisture and silkiness for massaging yet absorbs well without a trace due to it’s gel-like consistency.

Immiediate Result: Moisturized skin that feels plumped and toned with average signs of reduction in cellulite

Long-term Result (after three weeks): Loss of 1.5 cm of fat along the circumferance of thigh, a visible reduction in cellulite, and skin felt firmer with less slack! These results made it one of the BEST fat burning creams I have used to date!

Value: $$$ Excellent value for such a high performing product! And the fact that it is a cream-gel formula means that a little goes a long way. You can learn more and purchase here in the US and here in the UK.

End thoughts: 

This cream would get my vote for the most innovative fat burning cream on the market! It does so much more than the usual drainage properties of most creams, it goes beyond with scientific innovation, targeting the way our bodies store fat!

I was REALLY impressed with the outcome of using this product. I noticed visible results and also a reduction in fat around my thigh/buttocks area! I also appreciated how the product applied and the firmness of skin immediately after use.


#2. Phytomer Cellulit Attack:

The intensive targeted treatment for stubborn areas takes drastic action: cellulite and stubborn fat are half as visible in 1 month!

One of the most effective and targeted fat burning creams on the market! This creams helps shed unwanted fat stores in your most stubborn of areas like your love handles, thighs, hips, lower waist, back, and even your arms!

Phytomer Celluli Attack Fat burning cream

This is the cream to use if you’re weight-loss has hit a plateau and you’re finding it hard to shift that last bit of weight!

Main Ingredients:

Pepper Slimactiv (pink pepper oil): Exclusively targets adipocytes for enhanced lipolytic efficacy and maximum precision*.
Sea Absinthium: Intelligently tracks sugar to put the adipocytes on a forced diet*.
Sea Grape: Balances the functioning of the genes involved in the development of cellulite*.
Glycolic acid: Promotes the effectiveness of the contouring ingredients, smoothes the surface of the skin.
* In vitro tests on the ingredient.

Clinical Results:

Less visible cellulite: 120%
Smoother cellulite: 124%
Stubborn fat reduced: 100%
Dimpled skin reduced: 110%

*Auto-scoring of 56 women – average value, evaluation of the aspect of the skin – twice-daily application during 28 days.

Personal Results:

Texture/Consistency: Ultra-Fast absorbing Watery-Gel

Smell: Fresh slightly floral scent

Application: Application is tricky as this watery gel absorbs almost instantly! This means you have to work fast to massage into targeted areas.

Immediate Result: Firm, toned skin immediately with immediate signs of reduction in cellulite! Not stickiness or tackiness either!

Long-term Result (after three weeks): Loss of 1.5 cm of fat along the circumferance of thigh and .5 cm around arm, a dramatic reduction in cellulite, and skin felt firmer with less slack! These results made it one of the BEST fat burning creams I have used to date!

Value: $$$ Excellent value for such a high performing product! You can purchase this product here in the US and here in the UK.

phytomer celluli attack cellulite cream before and after pic

You can see in the photos how the thigh area is much more toned after using the lotion. Skin appears more taught and less dimpled. Skin sag is diminished. Saddlebags reduced and thigh is thinner!

End thoughts:

I am not far off from calling this the BEST fat burning cream out there! The science that’s gone into this fat blaster is unlike any other and I loved the fact that it’s specifically designed to target stubborn areas, which is did just that! I’ve always had a problem with slacking skin under my arms and this firmed and toned my arms after one use! It even managed to shift .5 cm of fat around my arms which has been near impossible to rid until now!

Although the application is a bit tricky and you don’t have a lot of time to apply/massage it in properly, the results make up for it! I even liked how quickly it absorbed because it meant I could get dressed and go in a flash without feeling sticky or tacky.


#1. Mio Get Waisted:

I love the principles and philosophy behind Mio Skincare where they create products that work just as hard as you do! Not only do you feel like you’re in good hands with this company, but you can be sure that they know YOUR NEEDS!

More than just skincare, Mio is like a friendly support system, almost like a personal trainer, offering up skincare in a whole new way with tips, motivation, and a support network of like-minded women with similar goals!

In fact, beyond selling creams, Mio Skincare vows to be there to support and guide you on your journey to fitness offering various advice on how to lose weight and get healthy. The Mio site is beyond commercial, offering useful information like this section on how to lose belly fat, here!

Not only do you get a wealth of information and positive support from the Mio network, but you also get some of the most EFFECTIVE fat burning creams on the market! The Mio Get Waisted cream is designed to work just as hard as you do, to help with whatever your weight-loss goals are! It works by increasing the energy levels within your skin, boosting firmness, tightness and increasing the fat burning process!

Mio get waisted fat burning cream

This cream can be used anywhere to target stubborn fat stores, but it’s especially effective at blasting fat around your mid-section.

Main Ingredients:

  • Phyco R75 TM extracted from laminaria digitata, a special brown seaweed that stimulates lipolysis.
  • Areaumat Samphira TM an extract of rock samphire; helps improve the performance of Phyco R75, dramatically increasing the long term recontouring effects.
  • Rhodofiltrat Delessaria TM and Rhodofiltrat Palmaria TM 2 mineral rich extracts from red algae, packed with amino acids that help increase microcirculation and stimulate lipolysis.
  • Caffeine pharmaceutical grade, renowned for its circulation-boosting and firming effects.
  • Adipoless TM and Adiposlim TM work together to help boost fat burning and inhibit future fat storage to help improve the appearance of dimply fat.
  • Oat Protein Complex Rich in phospholipids, natural moisturisers and antioxidants, amazing at firming and smoothing.

Online Results:

There are currently no clinical results to report, but reviews online are glowing, claiming that the Get Waisted cream REALLY WORKS to trim the middle and women have reported losing inches and up to a whole dress size after using the cream!

Personal Results:

Texture/Consistency: Thick moisturizing cream that’s white on contact but disappears once massaged in.

Smell: To be honest, this cream doesn’t smell too pleasant but you won’t care after seeing the results!

Application: Application is easy and although the cream is white to begin with it disappears and sinks in after the allotted 30 sec massage time.

Immediate Result: There isn’t a visible improvement upon application and there’s a slight cool tingling sensation on skin. It is also slightly sticky/tacky.

Long-term Result (after three weeks): Loss of 3 cm of fat along the circumferance of my tummy!

Value: $$$ Excellent value for such a high performing product! This is a belly blaster! And the cost is well worth the results! This cream may be the least expensive on the list, but it one of the MOST effective! A superb cream and value for money! Purchase it here in the US and here in the UK

Mio Get Waisted Fat Burning Cream Before and After

As you can see in the photos, my stomach area looks much more toned, appearing more tight and pulled-up. Also you can see how my waist has really cinched in, especially above the belly button!

End thoughts:

Honestly, I never believed that there could be a cream that blasts belly fat! This is one of the most stubborn areas to lose weight in for women and up until now there hasn’t been a whole lot we could do about it! But after using the Mio Get Waited cream for 30 days I have seen a dramatic reduction of fat around my waist and my stomach looks the most toned it has in years! I can not recommend this cream enough! And add to it the useful information and motivating online support from the Mio company and I am well on my way to my weight loss goals!


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