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Published on February 21st, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

Boucheron Place Vendome Review

This delicate woody floriental is like an enchanting stroll through the magical streets of Paris at dawn. The sweet smell of the city’s decadent delights, syrupy honey dripping from the wings of privileged bees as they fly back to their rooftop terraces and dainty blossoms covered with glistening dew drops like the diamonds in a Boucheron bracelet!

Place Vendome Eau de Parfum from Boucheron is an exquisite feminine floral that is an impeccable balance of blossoming Spring-like flowers and honeyed sweetness! Opening up with a genius tickle of Pink Pepper that livens up the fragile Orange-infused Orange Blossom and combined with romantic Rose, Place Vendome welcomes you to the city of lights and at first breath you are enchanted for life!

The magic continues as you are greeted with the sweet glowing Honey that when combined with creamy Praline seems to warm the scent like a cup of hot milk. Added to that is the sensuous Jasmine and fresh Peony that keeps the scent light on it’s toes. But before long the fluttering heart of the fragrance stills to a more deep smooth vanilla-like Benzoin and the faint earthiness of just a whisper of grounding Cedar.

It is hard to find a sweet floral scent that isn’t sickingly sweet. Most are either too sugary or too Gourmand and when mixed with dainty florals can lead to a more young and naive girly scent. Boucheron meticulously balances these notes to avoid any pop princess overtones. The technique, I suspect, is to surround the usually girly notes of Orange Blossom, Praline, Jasmine and Rose with more vibrant notes of Pink Pepper, Orange, and Peony. Also important is grounding the scent with more mature notes of Benzoin and Cedar which prevent the scent from flying away with the bees.

The only downfall of creating such a perfectly balanced sweet floral is that without the overdose of sugary notes or heavy bases, it becomes a little light on it’s feet and tends to fade into the clouds a little too soon. And like a fairytale trip to Paris, it leaves you wanting more.

This is a breathtaking scent for those who can afford to saviour the fleeting moment of magic! Boucheron’s Place Vendome is for a Woman who masters the Parisian way of life. Pretty and feminine in her frills but timeless and classic in her sensibilities. Although floral and sweet, this scent is not for the girly-girl, but for an independent, confident yet glamourus woman decked in jewels and all her fineries.

Place Vendome Eau de Parfum by Boucheron

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