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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Boss Nuit Pour Femme Review

Hugo Boss Nuit is a new Boss fragrance said to be inspired by the “little black dress”.  And like the classic LBD, it is simple, understated, classy, functional, and can be worn in many situations. There isn’t anything show-stopping here, rather it’s more of a go-to thing to throw on when you can’t be bothered to be the centre of attention. In other words, it’s mundane. Passable?….yes. Knock-out?….no.

Peach and Sandalwood  are most present in this fragrance. Which is a nice idea but poorly executed as it smells unsophisticated and slightly immature. Perhaps that’s because there doesn’t seem to be any weighty base notes to give this scent any richness or depth.  I love the idea of sweet soft Peach mixed with warm and cozy Sandalwood. It sounds like a cuddly cashmere sweater hugging your skin; however, without the rich grounding base notes this scent seems to float airily around remaining an indistinct peachy scent.

It does list notes of Moss, Jasmine, and Violets that typically bring out a creamy, powdery and earthy warmth to scents but in this fragrance they are nearly undetectable. Also undetectable are the notes of White Flowers and Aldehydes, which are typically very obvious and almost overpowering but like everything about this fragrance, it seems like a great idea on paper but the final product just doesn’t cut it.

In conclusion, Hugo Boss’s Nuit is somewhat of a disappointment. It’s not a sophisticated fragrance, definitely nothing complex, and in fact smells a little cheap, in my opinion. As for a “little black dress”, the woman who wears this fragrance is a woman that rarely dons one, instead she probably spends most of her time in cozy sweaters and white linen nighties. And the fact that it is called “Nuit” is slightly misleading as the soft and powdery Peach/Sandalwood combo lends itself more to reading a book with a cup of tea on a rainy day than a dark and sultry night. There are far better fragrances out there that evoke that magical night feeling.

 Boss Nuit Eau de Parfum

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Boss Nuit Pour Femme Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Boss Nuit is nothing like the sexy and sophisticated "night" fragrance that it's marketed as. It's soft, sweet, and very faint. And although there are a few unique notes listed they are undetectable making this scent almost entirely Peach & Sandalwood. An interesting idea but without any rich base notes there is no depth or weight to this scent. Plus it's poor longevity and sillage make it nearly worthless.


Faint & Peachy

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