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Published on February 20th, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Armani Code Review

Armani Code for women is one of the most popular mainstream fragrances on the market! And probably one of the most recognizable with it’s soft and sweet nectar.

When I first tried Armani Code to review, I was reasonably impressed with it’s smooth Vanilla and unusually powdery Sandalwood dry down. I also enjoyed the somewhat Honey‘d sweetness and quick flash of vibrant Orange and would have loved for these sweet and zingy notes to have lasted longer.

Also present are the classic white flowers of sultry Jasmine and delicate Orange Blossom. These too would have benefited from a stronger hand as they become somewhat buried under the sweet Vanilla and Sandalwood.

But the soft mix of the sweet Vanilla and powdery Sandalwood concoction makes for a rather deep scent, perfect for an evening stroll with a loved one or a romantic night-in.

It’s warm, cozy, romantic, and inviting.

Armani Code for Women

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It isn’t quite as sexy or mysterious as the adverts, instead Armani Code is more inviting rather than alluring and warm rather than spicy!

I’m always floored by mismatched marketing and fragrance composition. It confuses the buyers not to mention misrepresenting the ACTUAL fragrance itself.

Instead of a woman sneaking off around a dark corner with a mystery man, the adverts should have shown a woman wrapped in the arms of a loved one in front of a roaring fire.

And as for the name “Code” I don’t even know how that fits!

But regardless, Armani Code is a decent fragrance. I often find it hard to appreciate such mainstream scents as they tend to smell to generic and “perfumy” rather than complex and sophisticated.

However, this scent is quite lovely and the fact that it’s easily accessible, found in most drugstores, and is very reasonably priced makes Armani Code a great purchase.


Armani Code Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Armani Code is a powdery soft and sweet floral fragrance. Although it lacks depth and sophistication it is a lovely warm and inviting fragrance for a great price. Just don't let the name and marketing sway you, it isn't nearly as sexy or alluring as it's marketed as, instead more cozy and inviting.


Soft Floral for a Great Price

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