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Published on April 15th, 2016 | by The Perfume Expert

Kerastase Chronologiste Hair Care Review

The ONLY hair care line you’ll ever need! Turn back time to healthy, youthful, revitalized scalp AND hair, made from rare & luxurious ingredients from the sea.

Kerastase’s newest Chronologiste line is the epitome of total hair care; stimulating a healthy scalp, nourishing damaged ends, and providing anti-oxidants galore that stop time to ensure that you hair remains as youthful as can be!

Although this line features some of the rarest and most intriguing ingredients, it wasn’t the idea of fancy minerals that impressed me, it was the outcome and multi-functional use of this line that in my opinion makes it so great.

As someone who puts their hair through the paces, with constant heat styling and recent bleaching, not to mention the curse of mild scalp psoriasis and dandruf, my hair needs EXTRA care and in many different ways.

I’m used to using a different shampoo on my scalp then ends, alternating weekly treatments from color care to damage repair to clarifying shampoos….you name it, I DO IT!

But when I tried the Kerastase Chronologiste line for a month, I realized that almost ALL of my needs were cared for pretty decently in just one line! Scalp exfoliation, damaged ends repair, color protection, etc.

In addition, to my surprise (and my fiance’s), this line was also appreciated by everyone in the household as well! My fiance especially liked the revitalizing scalp treatment!

But let’s get back to those rare luxurious ingredients for a moment, because in fact, they are the reason why this product is so versatile!

The stand-out ingredient here is Abyssine. Discovered in the volcanic faults of the Pacific Ocean, 3,000 meters below sea level, this rare ingredient is said to be a powerful regenerator.

Abyssine is then combined with Gluco-Lipid GL® and Bisabolol for an in-depth nutrition and an irresistible velvet touch.

But also added here are Vitamin A & E to provide anti-oxidant, color, and UV protection leaving hair safe-guarded from extreme aggressions. Along with Vitamin F is also present to cleanse thoroughly and help heal minor irritations of the scalp.

In addition a trio of a trio of ceramides that reinforces the hair for better resistance and strength.

But it wouldn’t be a Kerastase product without luxurious and nourishing oils of Camellia, Amla, Argan, and Maize.

The Kerastase Chronologiste line includes an exfoliating scalp treatment, shampoo, hair mask, and perfumed hair oil.


By far, my most favorite product in this line! (and my fiance’s as well)

This unique scalp treatment, gently exfoliates the scalp (using Apricot seeds) to provide a detoxifying effect that purifies the scalp and hair shaft. This process not only removes built up dead skin and products, but it stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth using the powerful and potent Abysinne molecule.

Vitamin F is also present to cleanse thoroughly and help heal minor irritations of the scalp.

Lastly, oils – Camellia, Amla, Argan, Maize leave the hair is intensely nourrished and shinning.

Because it’s applied BEFORE SHAMPOO, the purifying effect also acts almost like a primer, priming the hair shaft for the added benefits of the shampoo/mask/oil to come. This amplifies the benefit of these subsequent products.

Kerastase Chronologiste Soin Gommage Renovateur

Kerastase Chronologiste The Gommage Pre-Shampoo Scalp Treatment for All Hair Types

The texture is jelly-like with fine grains to gently exfoliate. The application is a bit tricky as you feel like you need to keep applying more due to the fact it’s not a lathering substance. This takes some time to get used to, but the key is less about how much you use and more about applying directly to the scalp in sections and then massaging.

And don’t let the gold shimmer scare you, it DOES NOT make your hair glittery! (trust me, if the man in my house can use it, then it’s fine)

Think about this product, like a facial for your scalp!

We all know we are addicted to exfoliating our skin!

And by-the-way, guys love this product as it removes product build-up, especially those stubborn waxes and pommades that men often use close to the scalp


This shampoo also works at revitalizing the scalp with Abyssine, but it also includes more beneficial ingredients to care for the hair as a whole!

Vitamin A & E to provide anti-oxidant, color, and UV protection leaving hair safe-guarded from extreme aggressions.

Anti-aging shampoo! YES PLEASE!


Kerastase Bain Chronologiste Revitalizing Shampoo for All Hair Types

Hair as it ages, not only can turn grey, but can become dull, lack-luster, and more coarse and prone to dryness.

Also included in this shampoo is a trio of ceramides that reinforces the hair for better resistance and strength.

The effect of this shampoo is a fresh, revitalized scalp, and smooth, shiny hair! What more could you want?!

This is probably the ONLY shampoo that I have used that has taken care of both my finicky scalp AND my damaged ends within one product.

After using this and the pre-shampoo treatment, my scalp felt fresh and my ends felt soft!

It doesn’t replace my specialty lines specifically for my issues, but as an all-round shampoo, this is it!


So think of all of those beneficial ingredients mentioned above and multiply their effects by 10! That is what the Chronologiste hair mask is all about! Delivering the most potent form of Abyssine, Vitamins, ceramides, and oils!

The crème de la crème of hair masks!

This is pure luxury, but your hair is worth it!

Using all of the beneficial ingredients contained in the whole line, just in greater concentration. The only other added ingredient is unusual, it’s a Cationic derivative that bring softness and lightness to facilitate detangling. Sounds unusual, but actually DOES make hair feel super light.

Kerastase Chronologiste CRÈME DE RÉGÉNÉRATION

Creme Chronologiste Hair Mask

To be honest, even though this mask is the most luxurious product in the line, I thought it was the one product I could do without!

In terms of revitalizing the scalp, the exfoliator and shampoo do a much more thorough job. Plus, no one (not even recommended by Kerastase) puts a hair mask on the scalp anyways….so I wasn’t quite sure of the reasoning behind this mask.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an exceptional hair mask, but it just doesn’t accentuate any of the benefits of the line and isn’t necessary to get to the full benefits of the line.

I would much rather save the money and buy the perfumed finishing oil which i’ll talk about next!


As a perfume expert, this product is right up my street!

And lucky for me, hair perfume is becoming a BIG TREND!

But most hair perfumes out there are largely made up of alcohol, which dries out the hair.

But not this…..this Kerastse perfumed oil has ALL THE BENEFITS of a luxury hair oil, but the added beauty of a fine perfume!


Kerastase Chronologiste Perfumed Hair Oil

Kerastase are most famous for their hair elixir oils, and this particular oil has the same brilliant shine, condition, and smoothing effects, but with the added scents to leave hair smelling diving with every toss!

Not only is the hair left shiny and smooth and delicately scented, but this oils also aids dandruff relief, and a sore scalp is left soothed in the most luxurious way.

The scent is made up with Tea Rose, Light Woods and Musk, with an oleo-extract of Myrrh.

The fragrance is subtle, feminine, but also rich and sophisticated. Nothing sweet or overtly flowery. The perfume is classy and timeless.

Now, I must warn you, that this is more of a scented finishing oil, then it is an actual perfume!

Yes, it DOES smell lovely, but it won’t replace the need to wear perfume nor will it interfere with you wearing your daily perfume.

In other words, it isn’t that strong!

But that’s ok, because those of us who are already fans of Kerastase hair oils, will become obsessed with this one and it’s delicate fragrance.

Kerastase hair oils are light as air, never greasy, and are a beauty bag staple!

But add to that a beautiful perfumed scent and I’m hooked!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it wasn’t hearing about the fancy rare ingredients that impressed me about the Kerastase Chronologiste line, it was it’s versatile performance!

I use a lot of Kerastase products and highly recommend the line, especially for specific needs and clinical needs, such as severe damage, scalp issues, or hair thinning. But I have never found a Kerastase product that I could use as a “Basic” (as an all-round kind of line).

But that’s where the Chronologiste line becomes so useful because it takes care of every concern decently. Not deeply treating any one issue, but instead moderately improving lots of issues from scalp irritations, dry ends, color protection, anti-aging, environmental damage, etc.

Add on top of that, that it’s the only line I have that my fiance uses as well, and you’ve got a winner!

In terms of specific and tailored hair care needs, there are better lines from Kerastase. But if I had to only have ONE hair care line in the bathroom this would be it! As if fulfills many roles and everyone can get some benefit out of it!

In fact, it’s the line that I use when I am traveling as it takes care of all my needs and everyone else’s too!

For more information on this line and to purchase yours today visit


[Products in this review were Press Samples but opinions are all my own]
Kerastase Chronologiste Hair Care Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: The Chronologiste line boasts some pretty rare & luxurious ingredients, but what impressed me the most was the positive effects on the scalp while ALSO taking care of my fine/dry/damaged locks. This is rare to find products that treat the scalp without drying out or damaging the rest of my delicate hair. The other impressive thing is that it's perfectly suited for MEN as well! This too is rare to find a hair care line that both me AND my husband can use.


Multi-Purpose Scalp/Hair for MEN & WOMEN

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